Soothing Oaty Cleansing Soap


Essential oils only

Does not contain nut oils

Bar size e80g

No plastic is used in our wrapping; each soap is delivered in a recyclable box.

In stock


Our handmade Soothing Oaty Soap is our moisturising miracle worker, specially developed for those with dry or sensitive skin. Bursting with Vitamin E, renowned for its skin repairing and deep moisturising properties, our traditional Oatmeal Soap leaves your skin feel soft, hydrated and radiant.

Traditionally handmade in the UK using the high quality ingredients, our soap includes oatmeal oil, wheatgerm oil and Vitamin E for the best all-in-one skin repair soap. Use as part of your daily routine to help aid in the growth of new skin cells and to keep your skin looking soft and supple.


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