Lime Renewal Cleansing Soap

£3.00 £1.00

Essential oils only

Does not contain nut oils

Bar size e80g

No plastic is used in our wrapping; each soap is delivered in a recyclable box.

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This energetic and zesty soap features a genius combination of lime and rosemary oils, giving you an energising and rejuvenating wash. A must for your skincare regime, our Lime Renewal Soap features natural ingredients that are renowned for their skin renewing properties. This makes it ideal for improving skin tone, re-hydrating dry skin and even helping to soften lines and wrinkles.

We make all of our luxurious soaps by hand using the best hand picked ingredients for a high quality soap you won’t want to run out of! Start repairing and protecting your skin easily and effectively with our natural and specially made Lime Renewal Soap.


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