Coconut Wax Melt Bar – Pink Fizz


The newest of our wax products is our variation of an old favourite.  We have worked hard to come up with a version of our wax melts, available without any plastic or acetate packaging and here they finally are!

Our chunky coconut wax melt bar is made from our own blend of coconut wax and hand blended with some of our favourite fragrances – this may be a familiar fragrance to many and we were inspired to create this by a certain home fragrance name.

One of the most popular fragrances (and indeed drinks) captured in a wax melt.  Pink Fizz is our take on Prosecco or Champagne and is a gorgeously sweet scent, reminiscent of sparkling wine, fizzy and sweet.

This is fantastic addition to our fragrance library and makes wonderful melts – cant wait to have this in a candle too!

In stock


Hand poured coconut blend wax melt bar. Wrapped in recyclable paper.

Estimated weight 50g

Instructions – open the bar and break or cut off as much or as little as you want for your burner – careful not to use too much. Pop a lit tealight in the burner and add the chunk of wax melt to the top. Let the flame slowly melt the wax, you just sit back and enjoy the wonderful fragrance!






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