Silver Sparkle Mercury Candle Jar


Welcome to our newest addition, our gorgeous silver sparkle candle jars.

Holding around 300g of wax, these should burn for at least 40 hours and will look amazing in any environment.

Each candle is made from our own blend of Coconut wax and once the candle has burnt all the way down, simply wash the jar out in warm soapy water and you have an amazing decorative jar to reuse again and again. Why not add a string of LED lights for a perfect way to reuse your jar….

Available in a choice of fragrances these are a fabulous addition to our range.



Available in a choice of fragrance and each candle is delivered it its own box making it a perfect gift for any age.

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Absinthe, Apple Pie, Bergamot Musk, Black Cinnamon, Chinese Silk, Chocolate Meringue, Clean Sheets, Coco Beach, Fairy Tales, Ginger Lily, Honey Bee, Lemon Lime, Lemon Zest, Marshmallow, Mint Tea, Orange Zest, Peppermint Ice, Raspberry Pavlova, Seaside Lavender, Stolen Kisses, Summer Rose, Tennessee Jack


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