Rabbit Welfare


Part of our Campaign Candle range – sold in aid of the Rabbit Welfare Association.

50% of all sales will go direct to the charity with a donation made in your name

Each candle is made from coconut wax and is delivered boxed and burns for around 15 hours.



Part of our Campaign Candles, launched to raise funds and bring awareness to some of the causes closest to our hearts. Handcrafted using a coconut wax blend and high quality perfume house fragrances, this is a fantastic candle.

Cotton Tails is the fragrance of freshly laundered linen, clean sheets hung on the line, gently blowly in the breeze. This wonderful soft fragrance will remind you of warm spring days and is perfect for all ages.

Sold in aid of the wonderful Rabbit Welfare Association who aim to improve the lives of one of the most neglected of all pets. Do please check out the wonderful people at RWA by clicking here. So many bunnies are bought on impluse and end up living their lives in tiny hutches at the end of the garden with no real thought for what they need or any understanding of their amazing personalities.

Bunnies make amazing house pets and are cheeky, funny and loving – RWA aim to bring awareness of how to improve their lives with the Hutch in not Enough campaign and to provide advice to rabbit owners. You can support their campaign by simply buying one of our Cotton Tails candles and help improve bunnies lives.


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