Black Pineapple Geo – Absinthe Friends


Our beautiful LIMITED EDITION geo cut jar contains our wonderful handpoured Absinthe Friends fragrance which is a really unusual sweet, heady candle with a real sense of Absinthe.

Based on an aromatic essential oil blend to mimic the infamous Absinth liqueur, this contains fennel and star anise with notes of cinnamon and cedarwood.

A really unusual candle suitable for all.



Say hello to our BRAND NEW, geo cut lidded candle jars. Made from glass, the geometric design is reminiscent of a pineapple and comes complete with a pineapple top lid!

Holding around 100g of wax, these should burn for at least 15-20 hours and the gorgeous simplicity of the design means they will look  stunning in any environment.

Each candle is made from our own blend of Coconut wax and once the candle has burnt all the way down, simply wash the jar out in warm soapy water and you have an amazing decorative jar to reuse again and again. A simple, matte gold jar with a design that is replicated on the lid, each candle is delivered to you boxed, making these a truly perfect gift.

Available in a choice of fragrances these are a fabulous addition to our range.


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