Body Scrub – Cherry Bomb


Exfoliating Lotion Bar contains – Organic Cocoa and Organic shea butters,

100g bar

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Our wonderful exfoliating body scrub bar – or solid sugar scrub – is a fantastic way to clean your skin and deliver luxurious moisturising oils directly where needed.

We’ve reformulated this to add more amazing oils and have give our customers the choice of fragranced or scent free.  This is fragranced with rich, sweet ripe cherries and contains no synthetic microbeads just natural ground sugar which is paired with our luxurious oils to ensure your skin is wide awake and ready to look its best!

We only use the best ingredients in our bars including:

Organic Cocoa Butter – Cocoa butter acts as an emollient helping to keep your skin soft and preventing moisture loss which can dry the skin and increases the presence of wrinkles.



Avocado Butter – Avocado butter is a fabulous ingredient and is packed with unsaturated fatty acids as well as vitamins A, B, C . It melts onto the skin easily and helps to lock in moisture after a bath or shower. A fantastic, luxury oil and perfect for dry skin.


Peach Kernel Oil – this unusual oil is rich in vitamins including A, B and E with Vitamin E providing natural antioxidants and which may help to maintain the elasticity of skin.

Peach Kernel oil is naturally an emollient making it ideal for those who suffer with dry, or flaky skin.


Instructions for use

Simply rub the bar on warm wet skin and allow the butters to gently melt and the natural sugars to exfoliate the skin.

Do not use on delicate areas including the face/neck or genitals or on broken, damaged or irritated skin. The skin loving butters may leave your skin slightly slippy so please be careful when steppimg out of the shower or bath.

Sugar scrubs work best on rough areas such as knees, elbows etc as the crystal structure of sugar can often be too abrasive for the delicate areas such as the face or neck.


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