As part of our ethical commitment, from February 2018 we are plastic free.

We will NOT use any single use plastics whatsoever and any products that previously were packaged in such, have been discontinued or repackaged.

Occasionally we will send out candle jars using bubble wrap. This is reused and reusable and we reuse any and all bubble wrap received by us from suppliers. We will not repurchase any additional supplies.

We will not use any plastic bags/wrap and any clear bags that we use will be food grade cellulose bags which are easily biodegradable.

Whilst we accept that standard PET bottles are recyclable, we would rather avoid their use and have moved towards the use of glass and aluminium and are working towards an ethical way we can refill these, without customers incurring additional postage and without additional plastic packaging. We are however, also investigating the recyclability of both product types within the UK to ensure that our decisions reflect best practice within the UK and EU.