Ethics Statement

Our ethics and principles underpin all that we do, and we believe nothing we do should be to the detriment of our planet or its inhabitants.

We oppose testing on animals for all cosmetics and household products anywhere in the world and the search for humane alternative is a key part of our day to day life.  Animal testing has been banned across the EU and UK for a number of years, as well as in Israel and India, but there are still a huge number of animals suffering across the world in places such as Australia, Canada, Brazil, Russia, China and across America.

If we want to eradicate the unnecessary suffering of animals across the world we must work to educate consumers that there is a choice. Animal testing is a cruel, barbaric and unnecessary practice and we believe that no living creature should suffer in our name.

Bunny Free

From 2016 we introduced our own Bunny logo – based on our own beloved bunnies – as a really quick visual reminder to our customers that animals really are at the heart of all we do. We strongly believe that a whole business should be cruelty free, including the parent company and as such we only support Naturewatch. We do not have a parent company and no part of our organisation sells to China.

Ethical & Natural
The simple belief that our products should be as ethical and natural as possible is behind everything we do:

We do not manufacture or retail products that contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS); a harsh chemical that strips the skin of its natural oils and is used elsewhere as a floor or car engine cleaner. We avoid the use of Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES) which, although milder than its SLS cousin, we still consider to be unnecessary.

We do not use or support the use of Parabens, as although there is some contradictory evidence regarding their possible carcinogenic effect, we understand that research is on-going and we would rather not take the risk for ourselves or our customers.

The majority of our products are vegan but all are vegetarian and always will be. We will never use animal fats in our products.

Our soaps are produced using traditional processes and ingredients and, where possible, we avoid the use of artificial dyes and colours. Our exfoliating products do not contain artificial microbeads which do not naturally degrade and cause harm to wildlife and marine species across the world. We only use natural salts. sugars or coffee – we avoid the use of nuts (and nut oils) as we are aware of the allergy risks.

Our wonderful natural cosmetics and candles are created, designed and made in the UK, and neither the finished product nor its ingredients are tested on animals. Never have been, never will be. We do not export to mainland China, and until their animal testing and welfare situation improves, we never will. We are proud that the soaps we use have been accredited as cruelty free, and we actively support the Naturewatch Foundation’s stance on the boycott of parent companies that DO test on animals.


We produce candles and melts in our workshop in the UK using eco-friendly natural, vegetable waxes, rather than Paraffin or mineral Wax which comes from non-renewable sources as a by-product of the petrochemical industry.

Soy and/or coconut wax is a nightmare to work with, harder to formulate and even harder to fragrance but despite the difficulties it causes for us, we believe that it is kinder on the environment and kinder on those people who chose candles to fragrance their homes. Vegetables waxes produce less harmful chemicals when burnt and leaves no black sooty deposits which often affect those with respiratory problems. Our fragrances are always Phthalate free and where possible we will use essential oils or naturally distilled fragrances. Where we use synthetic fragrance oils these are not tested on animals and are formulated to high standards designed to replicate as natural a scent as possible. All such scents are produced to IFRA standards and will be labelled as including Fragrance Oil (FO).

If you would like to find our more about animal testing, about why Parent Company ethics are so important or just how to Be Cruelty Free please visit Naturewatch and Humane Society International.

As far as possible, we only use recycled or recyclable packaging for our products. Most of our products are packaged using paper or card and we do not use plastics in any of our product or packaging.

However, we do reuse all packaging for our orders making the best use of boxes and fillers that have already been sent to us and as such, you may find your order is delivered using a reused box or find it filled with shredded paper or reused packing peanuts or wrap.

If you have any questions about our ethics or if we can help in your cruelty free journey, do pleae drop us a line.