April 12, 2018

Is it time to move on?

OK rant alert!!

Really weird that following my last blog post about Instagram Beth should post a survey along the same lines and having read the messages in response to her update post, it seems that a great many people have the same kind of feeling as I do about not being a part of the gang, of struggling as a business to get noticed in a sea of freebies, follow for follow, follow trains, follow Fridays, WIDN, sharethelove and all the same accounts all promoting the same people. And to be honest this doesn’t apply only to interior accounts – it’s the same situation with all the cliques from beauty, to green, to plastic free, to subscription boxes and plenty of others.

So whats the answer? To be honest I wish I knew.

We’ve stuck with Instagram thus far as from a personal point of view; I love the immediate contact, the inspirations, the direct contact with people and the friends I’ve made. But from a business point of view I am not entirely sure that Instagram is the right place to be unless you have the ‘cool kid’ mentality, endless hours to spend on social media tweaking what you do or own a perfect instgrammable house to use a backdrop for your products (or failing that a massive photography and stylist budget!).

But to be really honest, personally it’s getting me down.  Developing ‘relationships’ with people who subsequently  ignore your product completely, feature the same group of products from the same people, never reciprocate comments or likes yet insist they are being fair, nice and don’t understand what the problem is?! Or where the cool gang is!

I think its time for us to work out whether Instagram is the place for us to build our brand or whether we’re just not cool enough to fit in!

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