April 2, 2018

Instagram – a love/hate relationship!

We all know Instagram is the place to be these days and that anyone and everyone hangs out there either socially, personally or professionally. And I love it. And hate it.

Both with an unseemly passion!

We can all find new friends, new businesses to buy from, inspiration, motivation and so much more. And the constant updates from everyone make it something we can consume day in day out, always moving, always changing. Fabulous!

But if you are a small business like us how do you stand out from the crowd? How do you gain followers, a tribe, customers? How do you go from being one of many to being an influencer?

How do you make your presence known without a professional photographer on standby, a home stylist or a perfect home as your backdrop? How do you join up with all those amazing influential accounts and still retain your integrity?

I wish I could answer any and all of those questions!

We are a small company who want to make a difference to the world with what we stand for and the products we sell. We don’t have a marketing or social media budget and we certainly aren’t part of the ‘in-crowd’. And the instagram algorithm certainly doesn’t help anyone!

But our daily frustration with being a business on IG is overwhelming. It kind of feels like being at school as somewhere all the ‘cool kids’ hang out and the rest of the world doesn’t quite get a look in!

So my question is, is IG really worth it? Does it have a place for an integrity based business?

And if not IG then what?

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