March 15, 2018

Which tribe are you?

So, we’ve been doing a load of research the last few days and weighing up what next? Do we open our own shop, push wholesale, take on a PR agency, concentrate on social media – the choices and the pros and cons for each one are immense and endless!

Anyway, as part of this we’ve come to realise that the people with whom we connect on a day to day basis can be grouped more or less into the following categories or ‘tribes’;

  • The ‘green’ tribe – green, clean, vegan, organic, no nasties, ethical.
  • The ‘home inspo’ tribe – modern, grey, white, silver, sparkles, young, contemporary interior styling.
  • The ‘vintage’ tribe – cottage, vintage, modern classic, cosy, up cycle

And if we are really honest our current product range straddles all three which is, I suspect, exactly where we are going wrong!

It’s really easy to try to be a part of every group – the FOMO cannot be overlooked but it seems that if we are to take the next step in our growth we have to pick a side! But which one?

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