March 14, 2018

Focus on….Dogs on the Streets

Todays focus starts with our newest range of Campaign Candles which were launched to raise funds and bring awareness to some of the causes closest to our hearts.

The first is sold in aid of the wonderful Dogs on the Streets, please check out the wonderful team at DOTS by clicking here. They are an amazing team of volunteers who deliver much-needed veterinary care for dogs who live on the streets and they also support their owners with reassurance, comfort and support. They are a wonderful organisation and we adore what they do and what they stand for. With homeless numbers in the UK growing every year, DOTS outreach programme delivering care in cities across the UK has never been more needed – you can help support them by simply buying one of our amazing candles.

DOTS rely solely on the very generations donations and fundraising efforts of its supporters and every dog that is supported is registered with DOTS and is given a dog tag with their contact details and unique number allowing any other care professional to quickly make contact – a fantastic idea and making sure that there is a continuity of care as well as an emergency contact if so needed.

In recent months DOTS have supported homeless owners with accommodation, fostering, emergency veterinary care, end of life care, food, warmth and support.  And every single one of those services cost money. So please support DOTS with a follow, a share or a donation. Or buy one of our candles and make a donation to DOTS at the same time!

We have chosen our Caribbean Sunset for DOTS, its warming fragrance a perfect antidote to the grey, city streets and pavements. Why not imagine yourself on a far-away beach, watching a glorious sun dip beneath the horizon whilst listening to the gentle lapping of the bluest of warm seas? Caribbean Sunset blends zesty mangoes, limes and lemons and gives a real zing all balanced with the freshness of coconut. Sit back, close your eyes, and inhale the fragrance of summer holidays, exotic cocktails and warm caressing sunshine.

And think, whilst you are enjoying your candle you are also helping a dog to stay safe, warm and fed.

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