March 3, 2018

Focus on…..candles

So, now that we are back up and running again with our new improved website and products, we thought it would be useful to spend a few days talking about our new products and focussing on different ones.

Today I wanted to look at our candles.

As you may already know, we have switched away from soy wax to our custom coconut wax blend which has a lovely texture and finish; it also gives us a great hot and cold throw.

But the bit we are all the most excited about is our new candle containers.  Some we have commissioned ourselves, some we have imported and coming in a few months will be our new improved, upcycled range which we hope will prove as popular.

We wanted to offer you all some amazing contemporary, unusual containers as well as some fantastic fragrances and I think that the balance is now about right. Our fragrance (including essential oils, allergen free and nature identical) range will be extended from now on with new, special and custom blends currently being tested – as well as some wonderful new votives and some stunning large jars.

We love this crackle votive which is a deep berry purple and has been married with our fruit fragrances. Perfect for mothers day – but perfect for any day!

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