March 2, 2018

Yulin, Korea and Dog Meat

No graphic images!

Its 2018 and many animal activists are starting to think about the Yulin dog meat ‘festival’ in China.

But here’s the thing – Yulin takes place ONCE a year over a period of about 10 days during which 10-15,000 dogs are killed and eaten. Shocking and horrifying I know. And don’t get me started on the abuse the animals go through BEFORE they are actually killed.

But dogs are killed in China and Korea and across Asia EVERY SINGLE DAY. Every day, somewhere there are hundreds and thousands of dogs and cats, sometimes someone’s stolen pet, brutally assaulted and then killed for some antiquated and misguided ‘belief’ as to what benefit there is from the meat.

If these countries want to have some kind of global presence and a seat at the political table, they have to clean up their act and introduce some kind of human and animal welfare laws – laws that are actually enforced and not brushed aside on payment of a ‘fine’.

We are no means experts on the subject and many of the images are too shocking and graphic to bear, but its time we stopped animal abuse in all forms, around the world. Please check out the truly wonderful people at Slaughterhouse Survivors as they try to help as many animals as they can in China. I don’t pretend to have all the answers and I know that animal activists in China do exist and do their best but they need help – but we can all do more, share and bring awareness, donate, foster, so many small things we could all do that could make a massive difference.

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