March 1, 2018

(non) Cruelty Free Bloggers

Know we have posted about this before but its something I see constantly on IG especially but all over social media.

You get a blogger/reviewer etc who has on their profile that they are cruelty free and in fairness, they post a lot of cruelty free brands and reviews.  And then every so often, they either buy or are offered a nice shiny make up product from Kat von Dee, Too Faced or Tarte or similar.

So whats wrong with that you may ask?

Well, yes all three of those brands (and many more besides) are, individually cruelty free, they are owned by a parent company WHO TEST ON ANIMALS.

Said it before and will say it again – you are either cruelty free or you are not. Try telling a vegan that it doesn’t matter if you drink milk, it’s a black and white issue!

What do any of you think? Are we being too tough in our stance?

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