Wax Melts – Summery Tropical Treat

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You will get six handcrafted soy wax melts in our amazing Tropical Treat fragrance; relaxation is never better than when you can imagine yourself on a far-away beach, being kissed by the sun’s rays and listening to the gentle lapping of the bluest of warm seas.

‘Tropical Treat’ blends zesty mangoes, limes and lemons for a real zing of fragrance, which is then balanced with the freshness of coconut, the result being the true scent of paradise. Sit back, close your eyes, and inhale the fragrance of summer holidays, taking you to a place of unadulterated bliss.

Each pack of melts is presented in a chocolate box gift pack, keeping each melt separate and ensuring that they are as perfect as possible when they reach you. No more dented or crumbled melts, our specially made gift pack is designed to take our melts and to make sure you love your purchase.



All of our products comply with EU and/or CLP regulations and where appropriate have been certified and registered in accordance with current requirements. Please check when buying from elsewhere that they too can offer this assurance.

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Simply add a melt to your oil/wax burner – DO NOT ADD WATER. Light an unscented tealight and wait for the wax to melt, filling your room with fragrance.

Do not burn for more than four hours; do not move once wax is molten. Allow wax to solidify before moving and/or changing the melt.

Once solid, the wax disk can be eased out of the top of the burner and simply replaced.


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