Bubble Cup Candle – Berrylicious Fruit Infusion


Our newest candles are our Fruity Bubble Cups which reminded us so much of berries that we decided to fill them with our best fruity fragrances!

This is a gorgeous deep red cup filled with our ‘Berrylicious Fruit Infusion’ candle which takes ripe blueberries and juicy red strawberries at their seasonal best to give you a mouth-watering strong fragrance. We then added a subtle touch of vanilla to retain the sweetness without it being too over-powering. This makes it perfect for lifting the mood and creating smiles, whatever day you may have had.

Each candle come to you boxed making it a perfect gift for anyone.

In stock (can be backordered)

This candle burns for around 4-6 hours and is delivered in a gift box


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