Luxury Cloche Candle – Black Rose


***Limited Edition***

This is our very limited edition metallic candles complete with oh-so-cute glass cloche dome.

Our special edition Black Rose candle is a gorgeous floral scent combined with musk and citrus elements. A really complex fragrance this is simply deep, dark and decadent and combines heady rose florals with blood red berries and musky herbs to give this candle a real depth and something really special.

Dark, gothic and heady – it might just be time to go over to the dark side!

A fabulous candle and a great gift.

Only 1 left in stock

Each metallic candle has a clear cloche glass dome covering which should be removed when the candle is lit

Burn time around 10-15 hours


When candle has finished, wash with warm soapy water (do not scrub) and dry well. Why not add battery operated LED lights for a cute designer look?


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