Hi everyone – We’ve been a bit busy of late testing, retesting and formulating loads of new products. We’ve had a bit of change to the website and there will be more changes to come in the weeks between now and the end of the year.

So whats changed? What has gone?
Some old favourite candle fragrances have been discontinued – including Vanilla Fudge – and some will be replaced with new or improved blends once current stock levels have reduced, so if there is something you love you should grab it whilst you can!

We have also decided to no longer stock soy wax melts so if you want to grab any they are only available in our Etsy shop, whilst stocks last. These will NOT come back in their current format.

After a great deal of soul-searching, costing, focus group meetings etc we have very reluctantly decided to move away from our soap range. We still have loads in stock, including some still curing, but once these have sold they will not be restocked. We believe we have enough stocks to last through the busy Christmas period but they will go fast – they always do!

Why are you doing this now?
Throughout 2016-2017 as everyone knows, the cost of raw materials has seen a substantial increase and the uncertainties around Brexit has meant that goods shipped into the UK have slowly crept up in price.  Up until this point we have absorbed these costs but that was never a long-term possibility.

There have been real difficulties in stocks of soy wax following the discontinuation of the market leading products but finally, this month (September 2017), the new waxes are available and all new stock will be manufactured using the brand new Quantum products.  However, this has a substantially increased cost against previous wax and again, we cannot absorb the increase long-term.

Additionally, the very real increase in costs would necessitate a substantial increase to the retail cost for our bar soap range beyond what we think is an acceptable level. So, reluctantly we will move away from some of our staple products and concentrate on some new exciting developments.

So what will be new?
All new stock will be made using the Quantum products which in testing have performed amazingly well. We cant wait to bring these to you, the finish and scent performance is amazing and we are so pleased to be working through testing our whole range. Its tough and has given us some headaches and delays but it will be worth it.

We also have some exciting new candles and fragrances coming soon so it’s an ideal time to try something different. The new luxury range of jars and fragrances are gorgeous and think you are going to love them as much as we do. Our own bespoke blend of fragrances are in final testing so these will be available as part of the range as well.

Finally for now, we also have a fabulous new plan – our  Buy it, Love it scheme gives you the chance to buy one of our No Frills candle tins for a discounted price and with FREE UK POSTAGE. If you then order the same fragrance in a Medium or Luxury candle you could get the full price of your No Frills tin back as a discount. A perfect and no risk way to try our candles!

More on the changes tomorrow, including what will replace our much loved soaps….

Night all




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