Oh dear here we go again!

Just turned the TV over and on Channel 4 are the usual crafty/hippy suspects making crafting look oh so easy! And which one of their crafts  can anyone learn in a weekend?

Oh that’s right, its candle making? Isnt it always?!

Everyone knows in theory that candle making is straightforward but in reality its much more than simply melting a bit of wax and sticking a wick in the middle. Wax, fragrance and wicks can all be a tricky combination and what works today wont necessarily work tomorrow especially if you change the wick size or the wax type or, more usually the fragrance.

Which is why those of us who run small (or large businesses) making and selling candles get so frustrated with this sort of programme – they always make it look so simple, they never talk about all the testing you have to do, or what makes a good or bad candle and they never ever remind anyone of the labelling laws. And the knock on effect of this sort of programme (Kirsty Allsop I am talking to you too!) is that social media will be awash with all the world thinking they can make and sell candles and melts this weekend without testing, without getting insurance and without understanding the laws put in place to protect the customer.

I understand that its different if you are making and selling for your own pleasure but there was no mention of temperatures or why you shouldn’t overheat the wax; no comment on fragrance percentages or dye quantities, no mention of when you should add fragrance or even the different types of wax available. No mention of wick choices, the difference between pillars and containers just a completely watered down down simplified craft short that makes it look so much easier than it actually is. Grrrrr!




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