So what and why do Lush-dupes exist?  Or Jo Malone-dupes?  Or The White Company-dupes?

MUNICH, GERMANY - 4 AUGUST 2015: The exterior of Lush store in Munich, Germany. Lush is a popular UK high street store for cosmetic products.

So many smaller wax sellers on Etsy and Instagram now seem to sell Lush-dupes (and Jo Malone and White Company); now I get why they do it but really why….how can you honestly say you have created your own business when any success is built solely on the back of someone elses creativity?

Not to mention their money, research and copyright!

I know that there are only so many ways to create a fragrance or colour and that people manufacture them BECAUSE they smell like Lush etc but, surely if you had any morals or ethics you would at least call them by your own name rather than rip off someone elses?

Dont get me wrong I am no fan of Lush and certainly none of the companies mentioned need me to stick up for them – what I am standing up for is all the small-scale indie-sellers out there who are trying their best to be original, creative and true without copying someone else.

Be original. Be yourself – you are you so be the best YOU that you can be. Never try to be a pale imitation of someone else.



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