We know there are hundreds or thousands of small local producers out there; hobby crafters and small businesses (as well as huge multi nationals) who sell similar products to us, so why should you buy from Lilian Jones.com?

All of our products are designed, formulated and tested with love and care as its really important to us that everything we sell is exactly the type of products that we would buy ourselves.

Citrus Zest Candle
Citrus Zest Candle

However, we know that not all products are created equal; not all products are assessed for safety despite it being an EU law to protect consumers. Not all candles we have seen are legally compliant and not all sellers understand why they are breaking the law.

In the last week we have witnessed beauty and lifestyle bloggers extolling the virtue of illegal products; we have seen green products touted as the next new thing (without any claims or analysis of how many nasties it contains) and we have seen so many people blindly push Mac or L’Oreal without any understanding of what goes into making their brand a success.

Know what you are buying; know your brands (and their parent companies) and most of all know your ingredients.

meditation-833863_1280Our ethics are the cornerstone of our business and we stand by everything we say we do; we are not perfect and now and then we get it wrong but we will always be trying to be the best we can. For the people and animals that we share our planet’s precious resources with; for our families and for our own skin.

Ethical and Natural – thats us?  Who are you?

Love and health





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