Its my birthday…!

After a much needed break, a social media rethink and a mammoth session creating products we are finally back online.

So whats been happening whilst we have been away? We’ve had a lovely birthday celebration, visited amazing places in the UK and created some fantastic new products.

But significantly..well at least for social media…we have had a huge rethink about what we post and how. About how we engage with the campaigns that matter the most to us, about how make a difference in the world and how we influence people to care more about animals and their environment.

We can all make a huge difference by taking one simple step but many of us think its either too hard, too complicated or just too expensive – we are going to try to change those thoughts.

Its easier than ever to go cruelty free without compromise and we can all change how animals are treated by making sure we are educated about what really happens and share that knowledge at every opportunity. Puppy farms continue because people turn a blind eye; animals continue to be used for testing because people are blind to what really happens; the Orangutans habitat is being destroyed because people don’t think it really matters to them.

sweet shop candle cropped

We want to sell more of our lovely ethical products, we want to be so busy we can afford to support more charities and animals but we recognize that we also need to hold onto our beliefs and that no matter how trendy Twitter, Instagram etc are, the reason we do what we do is because we want to make a difference.

So….we will continue to stand up for animals worldwide, we will add our voice to the campaigns that matter and we we will call out bloggers and businesses who make a virtue of their ethics but when it comes down to it, don’t follow through – thinking about the Bodyshop amongst many others.

Our voice may change but our belief that there is a better way to be is central to what we do.


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