Social media and networking concept: group of color signs with social media services isolated on white background - stock photoWe love the immediacy of Twitter and the conversations you can see develop with businesses, customers etc but does Twitter even work for a smallish, newish brand? Does it have a marketing point or is it a better space for pressure groups?Our weekly PR strategy meeting threw up so many BIG questions!

Without doubt there is a sense that the cruelty free, green, beauty Twitter space is occupied by the same names promoting the same brands with no real questions being asked as to their green credentials.  Everyone is aware of the marketing budgets available to huge companies such as Lush or NYR and yet these are the names that get quoted as being the most green/ethical available.  Occasionally someone will call them out for one point or another but in reality its shouting in the wind.

BORMES LES MIMOSAS, FRANCE -25 JULY 2015- La Savonnerie de Bormes is an artisanal provencal perfumery specializing in colorful soaps shaped as pastries such as macaron cookies. - stock photo

Lilian Jones is not huge, we don’t have a huge marketing budget and, like many of our amazing artisan UK competition, we produce products as good as or better than those on sale on the high street. Being small, independant and natural our products don’t have to support a massive infrastructure so our prices are always competitive – we have an amazing green, ethical, cruelty free industry in the UK but unless you are backed with bottomless pockets, social media space is hard to come by.

Sure some will consider this sour grapes but unless the beauty or cruelty free cosmetics industry (including bloggers) gets behind smaller independent businesses things wont change and the choice just wont be there for consumers.  To put it simply – if you do what you have always done you will get what you have always got!

Come on bloggers,  beauty industry, look around you; there are some amazing brands out there making some fantastic ethical cruelty free products.

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