Animal rights word cloud concept - stock photoIf you are reading this you are either a cruelty free blogger, interested in cruelty free, vegan, make up professional or just an all round good guy/girl!

But what drives us mad down here on LJFarm is the misinformation and confusion that is spread by so many people people either through good intentions or intentional bias – its so easy for anyone just starting out on their cruelty free journey to assume that everything they read MUST be true.

At Lilian Jones we do not subscribe to any group nor are we part of a wider company or organisation – that gives us the freedom to say what we want and more importantly, what we believe in.

BUAV, PETA, Humane Society, NatureWatch – all names that many of us are familiar with and many of us respect as arbiters of truth and testimony.  But do we all understand the difference between them, do we understand what they really stand for and more importantly do we really understand what good (or bad) they do in the name of animals?

Do we understand where our donations go, what happens to them and when the chips are down, who do they really support? Over the next few days/weeks, we will look more into each of the main names and try and cut through the public profile with some of the facts we have uncovered and provide our opinion and an explanation as to why we have chosen to support the organisations we have.

Not Tested on Animals Logo  for Cosmetic Products and more.  Rabbit Line Figure Clip Art. - stock vector

Would love to hear from any of you with comments good and bad on pressure groups and protest organisations. The better educated we all are, the more coherent a voice we have – the greater the influence.


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