Just a question cos its EVERYWHERE these days – that trendy, white washed, old-ish but you can’t quite date it style. Somewhere between vintage, New England and beachy its just not VINTAGE!!

Thinking of stuff you find in Primark or Tesco

Or is touted as an idea in home design magazines

Its just so lacking in truth and authenticity that it dilutes the power of real vintage.  The power of strong  well made furniture, beautiful old well designed pieces, amazing china, hand crafted delicate linens – the stuff our parents were pressured into getting rid of as it wasn’t trendy and it didnt look like Ikea!

For us at Lilian Jones, vintage is about paying tribute to the past; to the amazing people and things that shape our history not painting beautiful furniture cos everyone else is! And the more this faux vintage takes over the more amazing pieces will be binned cos they don’t get past the taste police!

Lets reclaim the past and stand up for true vintage!

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